Confluences / merging of cultures

The photo above shows the confluence of the River Danube and the River Sava in Belgrade, just below the Kalemegdan Park & Fortress (the Danube is the darker water above; the Sava is the bluer water below).

This seems to me an interesting metaphor for intercultural relations. When cultures meet they are initially quite distinct and easy to distinguish. Then as time passes they merge together.

I see this in my own life when I move to a new country. I start off seeing the new culture as quite different and distinct. Then as I get to know more about the culture – and get to know more people – I see lots of similarities. And ways in which new subcultures are being created by combinations of people from different backgrounds.

My blog will offer personal reflections about these inter-cultural relations.

What do you think is a good metaphor for this process?

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